Our Story

More Than Once has been created in 2019 in London, but why did we choose "More than once"?

Because we think that every accesory should be use more than one time we are working on bringing back old trends and makes them cool again, because every trend deserve a second chance don't you think?

What are we selling?

In our shop you will find three different types of accessories, the scrunchie is our first accessory, we wanted to change it into a scrunchie more qualitative than the original ones because we really think that it's a cool accessory in the hair but also in the wrist it brings style in 2 seconds!

You will also find our scarfies, it is one of our innovation: it's not a scarf, it's not a scrunchie, it's the perfect mix between these two. It is composed of one adorable scrunchie and one delicate scarf to fall down on your hair in a romantic way!

And finally our necklaces, our limited and unique pieces that will be different for every collection, if you really like a necklace take it before it goes!