Create your jewellery from A to Z
 with your own button !

You've been asking for this feature since the launching back in 2018, here is is !
Step 1 : Send us a photo

Before accepting your button we need to receive a photo to verify its authenticity and quote the eventual work that will be down with it.

After receiving the quote, you can accept it and take the next step or just reject it.

Step 2 : Send us your button(s)

After accepting the quote, simply pack carefully your button and send it to our office on a tracked and signed service to avoid any miscarriage.

As soon as we receive it, we inform you and your button will be transformed into this unique piece of jewellery of yours !
Step 3 : Receive your jewellery 

Your button has now been handcrafted into the beautiful jewellery you asked for, with high-quality (gold plated 18K or Sterling Silver 925) materials to make it last forever ! 

It's ready to be send back to you in its More Than Once packaging !

I have a button but I am not sure that's real, can we still do it ?

Before doing a quote for the transformation of the button we will ask you to send us pictures for us to determine if it's real or not. Unfortunately if it's a fake button we won't be able to proceed to the jewellery creation of your piece.

How long will it takes ?

How much will it cost?


To get a quote, send us a message down below and we will send us the form by e-mail ! 

One step closer to get your piece ! ✨

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